5 refreshing yoga poses to beat the summer heat

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Excessive heat in summer can weaken our body if we do not pay attention to the sensations it causes us, and how they affect us (hotter body, faster mind ...).

As for the practice of yoga, it is also important to be aware of heat and how it affects us, in order to eliminate those postures and stretches that can harm us and worsen our condition, and incorporate those that can benefit us and help us feel fresher.

Yoga postures to avoid when it's hot

The postures that we will name below tend to increase our body temperature, so we will try to avoid them:

  • Investments
  • Greetings to the sun (you can do one or two but these increase our body temperature considerably)
  • Warrior stances
  • Interlocking poses ("Bind poses")

Yoga poses to beat the heat (and feel cooler)

Instead of the ones named above, we can practice these 5 refreshing Yoga poses, ideal for fight the summer heat:

1.- Anahatanasana (version 1)

In this small variation of the moon salute, we should try to move slowly, with purpose and enjoyment.

We will start in a mountain position (tadasana) and we will bring our arms above our heads as we breathe in slowly. We will expire as we lower our arms and bring our hands to the sacrum. Keeping the hands resting on the sacrum, we will raise the chest, we will open the throat and we will bring the head back.

We will maintain the posture for an average of 3-5 breaths.

2.- Uttanasana

As we expire, we will leave our palms relaxed and looking up and we will lean the upper part of the body towards the ground. Make sure your neck remains relaxed and your feet rooted just below you.

Hold the pose for 5 deep breaths.

3.- Prasarita Padottanasana

Spread your feet (as in the photo) keeping your legs straight and feet parallel to each other (pointing forward). As we inspire, we will lean forward with our torso until we touch the ground with the tips of your fingers. Then as we expire we will lower the torso a little more and we will hold the big toe of each foot with the index and middle fingers of each hand (The crown of your head may touch the ground).

This type of posture (bent with legs spread) help to free the back, neck and shoulders completely.

4.- Anahatanasana (version 2)

Get on your knees and in a tabletop position. Keeping the lower part of the belly contracted, bring your hands forward and bring your chest toward the ground.

Rest in this position for 5 deep breaths. (more or less).

Extend your feet in front of you and place your forearms behind you (placing the palms just below the buttocks face down). Point the toes outward and extend the chest upward as we open the neck and slowly release the head so that it goes downwards (the head may end up in contact with the ground in this case). Press the ground with your legs and hands as you feel the inflation of your chest with each inspiration.

This posture helps restore our concentration after all the hard work involved in doing these poses.

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