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A joint project of the Fraunhofer Institutes for Process and Packaging Engineering (IVV), in Freising, and the Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB), in Stuttgart, together with the Munich University of Technology and various industry partners, sponsored by The BMBF is developing packaging materials that cut waste traces in half or less. The researchers apply thin films, no more than 20 nanometers thick, to the inner surface of the container.

"We make the coatings of a plasma of the type of neon lamps," explains IGB scientist, Dr. Michaela Müller. “It is done by putting the plastics in a vacuum chamber. We introduce gases into the chamber and ignite them by applying a voltage. We can deposit different coatings with defined properties on the surface of the container, according to the proportions of electrons, ions, neutrons and photons of this luminous gas mixture ”.

The first samples of this new packaging already exist: they will be presented to the public for the first time at K2007, the international trade fair for plastics and rubber, which will be held in Düsseldorf from 24 to 31 October (Stand E91, Hall 3).

Source: Nanowerk News

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