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Infidelity, something as old as the world. For some it is a way of life, something intrinsic to their personality ... For others it is unthinkable and unlikely ... Different cultures and social classes make differences.

Possible causes of infidelity

1- The sexual dissatisfaction with the partner, they make them look elsewhere. Women hate having to fake orgasms and men hate that their wife does not enjoy.

2- Monotony and boredom they produce dissatisfaction and they are not happy. They feel like leaving the house with any excuse, because they are short of breath. Feel that your life is over.

3- Lack of trust and complicity can limit the couple when it comes to satisfy all your sexual fantasies. What makes them go in search of new and daring extra-marital experiences.

4- For some it may be a question genetics, that make it so. Promiscuity and infidelity are proven to be given by the DRD4 VNTR genotype.

5- The narcissism It is a direct cause of infidelity, because it is related to the need to prove to themselves that they are still attractive and capable of seducing despite being married. Which leads them to continue seducing to feel sure of themselves.

6- Theloss of freedom it incites some to infidelity, because it makes them feel free despite being married. Even if they only play the game of seduction without going further, they feel better, freer and more confident.

7- Most of the men they are unfaithful only for one sexual question: either because the body asks for more variety or more quantity or genetics or narcissism ... To prove to himself that they are still young and seductive.

8- Women instead they are unfaithful because they don't feel wanted by their partner or because they stop feeling attraction to their partner. Some are also when they know that they are being betrayed and that their husband has a mistress.

9- Women blame the husband for being unfaithful, even if it was only mentally unfaithful. Many women do not allow their husband to look at another woman, because only then do they feel betrayed.

10- Women and men consider that it is unfaithful just for kissing to another, even if they have not gone to bed. Kissing involves feelings, perhaps more than sex.

11- Both sexes agree that flirt by WhatsApp or by chat is synonymous with infidelity.

12- The consensual infidelity. There are couples who establish infidelity as a way of life, since one of the two is not willing to enter into certain sexual games. They are couples, who love each other and are not willing to give up their partner just for sexual reasons.

13- Characteristics of unfaithful women: The women most likely to be unfaithful have an academic training, a good salary, a good job, between 35-50 years old and live in a big city.

14- Characteristics of unfaithful men: they are usually immature, liars, insecure, they do not respect the opposite sex, they are bored by monotony, they are not interested in family ...

15- In some African countries The reasons why women are unfaithful are other: abuse, dissatisfaction, the inability to try sexual positions and excessively large penis size with the main causes.

16- The most common place where they occur infidelity is the workplace or in the workplace. Statistically the professions where more infidelities occur are; doctors, nurses, pilots, hostesses, journalists, public relations, cinema, television, musicians, models, photographers ...

17- Infidelity is not exclusive to men. Men cheat more than women, but not much more. In the dating agencies, 88% of the clients are married men, compared to 64% of married women.

18- Spain is the European country where more infidelities occur: According to statistics this is the order of the provinces with the most infidelities: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Murcia, Alicante, Bilbao, Malaga, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca ...

19- Women are usually promiscuous in their pre-ovulatory period, because their testosterone levels rise; instead men at any time.

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