Es Baluard Restaurant

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Located in Palma city, opposite the Museum of Modern Art, it is one of the temples of traditional Mallorcan cuisine.

The restaurant offers from the hand of Joan Torrens a Mallorcan cuisine with the typical products of the Island and an excellent trade with the cuisine of the sea. This without forgetting its excellent treatment of the cuisine of lamb, rabbit, in line with Catalan-Mallorcan cuisine.

Very correct winery Dilegent service and in keeping with the quality of the restaurant

Google Maps address and phone
Pl.Puerta de Santa Catalina, 9. (07012 Palma de Mallorca).
Tel: 971 719 609
Chef: Joan Torrens

Menu / Recommended dishes

Vegetable cake, Cuttlefish stew with vegetables, Wild salmon salad marinated with honey and asparagus vinaigrette. Mallorcan lamb loin stuffed with aubergines and sobrasada. Roasted rabbit loins with sour pomegranate sauce. Apple crêpes with caramelized cream. Almond cake and fresh fruits

Other data of interest: It is closed on Sunday, the second half of January and the second half of August. You can also buy typical products in its gastronomic shop

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