Cavitation: an alternative to liposuction

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What is cavitation?

It is an alternative to eliminate localized adiposities or accumulations of fat such as: cartridge belts, love handles, double chin, cellulite, by means of low frequency ultrasound. And it is less invasive than liposuction.

Reducing treatments: Cavitation

Cavitation It is an alternative that currently exists to medical liposuction which, if indicated correctly and carried out following the appropriate protocol, can give very effective results. It is important to know that a cavitation device can have good results with one operator and bad results with another, depending on the technique used and your experience. As indications for cavitation, there would be those imperfections that are not important enough to require liposuction.

Types of cavitation results

Cavitation It can give different results depending on the hydration of the tissue, since the greater the amount of water, the greater the effect will be obtained. Also, if the area is pre-heated, the result will be more effective.

Before performing the cavitation, it is necessary to make an opening of cisterns, to prepare a lymphatic drainage after the session.

In cavitation, ultrasound frequencies of approximately 33 to 45 KHz are used, because the depth of action depends on these frequencies and higher frequencies would be very superficial.

Difference between cavitation or ultracavitation

Talking about cavitation or ultracavitation shouldn't make any difference, since they all use ultrasound. Sometimes it can refer to higher or lower power appliances.

A gel is always used as a transmitting element, because sound is transmitted very poorly through the air (about 360 m / second).

Combined cavitation

The combined cavitation With another series of treatments, which we have in our center, it is very effective.

Cavitation, ultrasound slimming


Before starting a cavitation, do not forget to do an analysis, to know that everything is in order, especially the cholesterol. If your cholesterol is high, this technique is counterproductive and is strongly discouraged.

Homemade trick for a body scrub

put in a bowl:

  • Lemon is added
  • 7 tablespoons fine salt
  • the juice of ½ lemon
  • 5 tablespoons of shower gel
  • It mixes well and is applied all over the body.
  • It is well massaged in all areas.
  • Leave a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water
  • The skin is well hydrated with body cream, if possible with anti-cellulite cream, it is much better.

Preparation of slimming masks

Economic advice after cavitation.

  • Park your car away from work, at least 10 blocks away, to have to walk.
  • Walk the dog for thirty minutes every day - or if you don't have a dog, just walk for the fun of it.
  • Climb the stairs whenever possible, on foot.

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