Elevate glutes with heels

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Wearing heels is a natural way to lift our buttocks and shape our figure, but it should not be abused.

Get those asses up! Hahaha! Shape your curves and Olé !!! Define your breasts with ... vertigo heels. There is a way of walking in heels, which change the shapes of our body.

Louboutin Heeled Salons

The high-heeled shoe lengthens the legs and elevates the buttocks. We seem taller, because it stylizes us but ... its habitual use can cause us health problems: foot pain, knee and back pain. Our feet also suffer from the use of high-heeled shoes, because we can suffer from hammer toes, bunions, hardness on the sole of the foot ...

Jennifer Lopez with some Christian Louboutin

The worst thing is that abusing heels on a daily basis can cause many problems in the spine, lower back and sacrum. Over the years, osteoarthritis and arthritis can develop. The reason is because the high heel shoe raises the heel and transmits all the weight to the front of the foot (metatarsal bones). In this way, the soft tissues are modified, the bones take on more weight and inflammation forms, especially if there is excess weight.

Elevate ass with heels

Ideal Shoe

For a shoe to be ideal, beautiful and elegant, without being too harmful to our body, it would have to have the following characteristics:

  • Flexible shoe.
  • Made with natural products: leather, esparto ...
  • With a good thickness of sole.
  • Heel with a maximum height of 5 cm.
  • Avoid very narrow toecaps.
  • That allows ventilation in summer and insulates from the cold in winter.

Heels modify the shape of the leg

Latest alternative techniques to counteract the effects of wearing heels.

If you like to wear heels and want to wear them regularly, which I understand clearly, All of these techniques are very effective in counteracting the negative effects of heel abuse.

Spring bath on the feet


It is an oriental technique with bamboo canes and essential oils. Relaxes the muscles and promotes circulation. Produces a sedative effect on nerve endings.

Bamboo therapy

Thai over wrap

Sen lines are stimulated. These are the routes, which follow the energy flow over different parts of the body, recovering health. Relaxes the muscles of the feet and activates circulation.

Jade Roller

Helps reduce fatigue by eliminating stress. Reduces tension and foot pain.

Kung-Fu chio podal

Oriental massage with sound spheres that emit the Ying-Yang sound. They produce lightness on the feet.

Hot stones

Stones that transmit energy and heat. They are applied statically at specific points, relaxes muscles and releases tension.

Salute per Aqua

Treatment of water with bicarbonate salts, plus the properties of essential oils: mint, peppermint, pine, mugwort with antiseptics, deodorants, fungicides, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic ...

Footwear trends

It still takes everything !!! Platforms, round toe, boot, booty, but the most Chic. The trend is the very feminine shoe, pumps with a pointed toe and a very straight heel stiletto.


To give the skin of the shoes when you wear them, there is an easy-to-apply shoe dilator. It comes in a spray with a cannula, for its best application inside the shoe. Softens the skin of the shoe, which tightens and adapts to your foot. You can find it in lifelong shoemakers or in supermarkets such as Mercadona, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Alcampo ... You apply it and let it dry.

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