The Supermoon of November 14 helps the Horoscopes

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The Supermoon of November 14 helps the Horoscopes. Considering your Horoscope or Zodiac Signthe great energy of the Moon can be used to help people directly. Through some visualization exercises, a lot can be achieved.

Supermoon of November 14 helps Horoscopes

On November 14, it will look much larger due to its proximity to Earth and brighter. It can be seen throughout the early morning of the 14th, reaching its highest peak in size in Spain at around 1:52 p.m. Go to a dark area, without electricity and you will be able to appreciate it well. The influence of the Moon is greater, the energies that it also gives off and if we observe it for a while we can recharge ourselves with its energy

Supermoon of November 14 very close to Earth

The Super moon will be in phase growing, in the sign of Taurus, The illumination of the Supermoon at 00:00 hours will be 99'04%. The time that the Supermoon will start will be at 6:24 p.m. and will be set at 07:30 h. This information has been calculated for the time zone of Madrid, in Spain. The influence of the Moon is greater, the energies that it also gives off and if we observe it for a while we can recharge ourselves with its energy

Supermoon 14 November looks huge and helps horoscopes

November 14 the Supermoon, also called Perigee moon, it will look 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. This is because the orbit of the Moon, which is elliptical, at those times receives light from the Sun directly and is closer to the Earth, which makes it appear very large. This phenomenon happens when the full moon and the lunar perigee coincide. Perigee is the area of ​​the Earth closest to the Moon.

Supermoons are phenomena that occur frequently. Last October 16 we had a Supermoon. Next December 14 we will also have another Supermoon. According to a statement from The NASA, the Supermoon of November 14 will be the largest of all the Moons of the 21st century. The next will be on November 25, 2034.

Supermoon of November 14 helps Horoscopes

How to harness the energy of the supermoon according to our horoscope

For activate healing mantras or codes For each of us, we must visualize certain images and we will be practicing environmental psychology.

With this we will be able to: heal our soul, heal the pain of the soul or our heart, eliminate blockages, reestablish communication between the spirit and us and achieve what we want.


Visualize and draw the mantra Ipsilon. You will be able to unblock circulation, need for more exercise and you will get it, relate more with others, activate your life, eliminate insecurity.


View a sphere and leave the pain out of it. Think positive and think of all the good things you want to achieve. Visualizing the sphere full of happiness, leaving the pain that you have in your heart, outside the circle, will allow you to expel that pain. Visualize the love and beautiful relationship you want to achieve.


Display a dodecahedron, and in a three-dimensional way, knowing that each edge is a turning point to open a new path. It is versatile, it can communicate with the 12 horoscopes and help you find your way on the 14th. But now you have the free will to choose your path, about your life and about your choice.


It will help to cover more, communicate more and better, make compatible all the fields of your life. The code or solution is visualize or draw the triple being (body, mind, spirit). To transform your pain into positive energy or to leave it behind.


Visualize and drawsolar wheel. It will bring spiritual growth, opportunity to advance, luck, personal brilliance, take away pain, patience for reward, not let go of what has been achieved. Circle of life, accept the past as something positive. The 14th will take you to your goal in life and the surprise of having achieved what you were wishing for. Give thanks for it.


Visualize two concentric circles. It will bring effectiveness and fertility in every way, thanks to a woman. A wish you were waiting for will come.


Visualize and draw a spiral. It will unblock your internal energy. You will learn to absorb energy and to flow. Relationships will flow.


3 stripes plus breast. It will provide ease to connect with your spirit and you understand why and where your blockage is. When you get it, you will see what your path is, you can change course and expel the negative and the pain.


Visualize with a icosahedron. Accept their negative part. Teach new paths, expel pain, resentment, hatred, throw out all the negative that it has been holding for years. Learn to say what you don't like or what you don't agree with. You can throw out all the negatives and change your way of being.


View the Circle of Life symbol of fullness (they give spiritual, mental, emotional, material access). Ask the Moon so that that desire of yours for fullness, happiness and harmony, reaches your life.


View the Eye of Orus and carry it over. It will drive away the hypocrites and traitors from you. If you always carry it with you as protection, it will prevent you from being taken advantage of and betrayed. Osa will give clairvoyance and intuition about the people that suit you. It will help you to flow harmony and positive energy.


Visualize greek cross. It is a sign of protection (family, mental, spiritual, emotional). Your mind always has to prevail. Ask the moon for protection and to help you remove life's obstacles.

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