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List of companies specialized in nanotechnology, nanoscience and nanoelectronics. This directory of nanotechnology companies supposes a simple relationship and in no case does it imply a guarantee by Euroresidents about the quality of their products, services or level of professionalism. They are simply the companies with the largest name in the nanoscience and nanotechnology sector at the moment.


AlbanyMolecular Research Inc : R&D in medicines

AltairNanotechnologies: Nanocrystalline and nanoparticles See sheet Altair

AmberWave : "Strainedsilicon" that allows microchips to work faster and consume less energy

American Pharmaceutical Partners : Injectable pharmaceutical products

AmericanSuperconductor Corp. : Superconductors

ANU : Carbon nanotubes and Boron nitride

AppliedFilms : Ultra-thin layers

CALMEC : Patents, technology, R&D

CambridgeDisplay Technology : Technologies related to PLED. See file on Cambridge Display Technology

CarbonNanotechnologies, Inc. (CNI) : Monolayer carbon nanotubes (PLV and HiPCO), buckytubes, polymers.

CarbonSolutions : Carbon nanotubes

CombiMatrix : Genomics, Proteomics

eSpin:Polymeric fibers

FEICompany : Technologies for creating nano-scale 3-dimensional samples

First Nano : Carbon nanotubes, tools and apparatus

Hyperion : Multilayer Nanotubes

Materialsand Electrochemical Research (MER) : Mono- and multilayer carbon nanotubes.

LucentTechnologies : Nanotechnology and telecommunications. Lucent token.

Luxtera : Photonic products.

Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises :Consulting services

MagmaDesign Automation : Complex integrated circuits

Miter : Research for the public sector

Moore Nanotechology Systems : Ultra-precision machining system

Nanocs : Carbon materials for nanotechnology

Nanocor: Nanominerals for plastic resins

Nanocyl: CVD carbon nanotubes

NanoLab : NanotubesCVD

Nanoledge : Monolayer carbon nanotubes

Nanometrics : Ultrafine sheets

Nanomix: Sensors.See Nanomix file

Nanovation: Photonic components

NanospectraBiosciences Inc: Nanoparticles for medical applications. Nanoshells.

Nanosys : Nanotechnology and nanoelectronics systems. See Nanosys fact sheet

Nanotex : Polymers for smart fabrics

NanoWave: R&D

Nantero: Carbon nanotubes

NeahPower Systems: Porous silicone

Novavax: Pharmaceutical products, vaccines

NEC : Telecommunications, Internet, R&D

NVECorporation: Spintronics that uses the motion of an electron to detect, store, or transmit digital information

PhysicalSciences Inc.: Carbon nanotube membrane

QuantumDot (Qdot): Qdot nanocrystals, conjugates
See Quantum Dot (Qdot) file

RockwellScientifics: Nanomaterials, manufacturing, and magnetic nanoparticles

RosseterHoldings Ltd: Mono and multilayer carbon

SEOCAL: CVD reactors for nanotubes

SESResearch: Fullerenes and Nanotubes

SIMAGIS : Software for automated analysis of nanotube images

SunNanotech: Multilayer carbon nanotubes

Ultratech: Nanotechnology tools

Veeco : Instruments for measuring at nano scale
View Veeco Instruments Fact Sheet

Zyvex: Zybot manipulator, Rotapod mounting system and MNT. See the Zyvex fact sheet

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