How to repair a hole in a drywall wall

The plasterboard walls (or gypsum partitions) are plasterboard walls that are not very resistant or acoustically insulating but they serve their purpose of separating one room from another. Often due to rushing, or moving furniture around the house, one of these walls can be hit leaving a hole which is not pleasant to look at.
But don't worry, don't be alarmed, it is not a laborious job nor does it require a lot of skill, it simply needs to be done carefully and following the following steps:

To be able to cover our plasterboard hole we will need the following:
-A spatula
-A sander
-A jigsaw
-Normal putty (as if it were for a normal plaster wall)
-A sheet of plasterboard.
-A drill

Note:If you do not have the tools, it is probably cheaper to ask for a quote online or from your neighborhood bricklayer since the tools can be very expensive and the service is relatively cheap (in Spain it usually costs around € 30).

Here you have the instructions for repairing the hole in the plasterboard wall:

1. The first thing we are going to do is draw a square around the hole with a pencil (or pen in its absence) and with a ruler (not much bigger but enough to house the entire hole without leaving any crack on the outside) .

2. The next thing we will do is cut with the jigsaw following the line of the square that we have drawn. Once we have finished cutting and removing the broken drywall, we will use the dimensions of the new hole to cut a new drywall to fit.

3. Normally, the plasterboard wall is a bit empty inside and the new plate cannot be placed well because it sinks into the wall. When this happens, we must cut 1 or 2 rectangular pieces of the plasterboard that we have left over and hold it inside the wall so that they act as a support for the new plate (To hold them we will need a drill and screws).

4. When we have the two rectangular plates attached to the inside of the wall, we can begin to place the new plate. To hold the new plate, we have to screw it to the two rectangular pieces that we have previously placed inside the plasterboard wall.

5. Once the plate is attached to the wall, we will use putty to level the wall and cover the joints. When we have everything covered and leveled (without unevenness) we will have to let it dry for a day (or even 2 days in some cases).

6. If it is dry, we can use the sander to finish blurring the few differences that remain on the wall. Be careful with the sandpaper, it would not be the first time that someone has over sanded the wall and has to re-level with putty. The purpose of the sander is nothing more than to level out any possible damage and finish leaving everything just as smooth.

7. You have the hole repaired. Now all you need is a coat of paint so that everything is the same color.

Here is a video where you can see how to do each step (in case it was not clear in the text):

I hope I have helped you! A greeting!

Video: Drywall Repair - How to Fix a Small Hole in the Wall using California Patch Part 2

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