Alternative uses of olive oil for beauty and the home

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Besides being a perfect and healthy dressing for a good salad, olive oil can be used to hydrate the skin, treat eczema or scars, it also has alternative uses for the home as a homemade lubricant or brightener.

We tell you some of the ways you can apply olive oil to care for your skin

Uses of olive oil for personal care

Shaving cream

Olive oil, used in place of shaving cream, provides a precise shave.

Take care of the eye environment

To remove the eyeshadow, apply a little and rinse with a facial care wipe.

Treat eczema

After a shower in warm water, apply olive oil to the affected area. Relieves itching and helps treat injuries

Treat dry skin

Applying a thin layer to the skin after showering or waxing will keep the skin hydrated

Avoid stretch marks in pregnancy

During the last months, apply a little oil to susceptible areas such as the belly and thighs

Moisturize cuticles

Apply a small amount of olive oil to the white of the nail.

Home uses of olive oil

Brighten stainless steel

Many cleaning products, like ammonia, can cast a dull hue and even corrode materials such as chrome or stainless steel. Olive oil, on the other hand, gives them shine safely and effectively.

Prevent wax from sticking to a candle holder

Put a thin layer on the base of the support before inserting the candle. Afterwards, dripping wax should be easy to remove.

Pet care

Add 1/8 to 1/4 of a spoon to cat food to prevent hairballs.

Cleaning dust from wooden furniture

Apply a little olive oil to a cloth and clean the furniture with it.

Prevent doors from making noise

Lubricate the hinges by first applying a little oil to a cloth and then rubbing the top of the hinge so that the oil runs down the sides.

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