Documentation to apply for Spanish Nationality

You must fill out the application and present it personally, by mail or through a manager in the Civil Registry where you reside.

What documentation must you submit for Nationality?

All documents submitted must be translated into Spanish.

1. Literal legalized birth certificate that you will have to request from the civil registry of the town where you were born or where the registration was made. Generally, it must be legalized by the Foreign Ministry of your country of birth and if there is agreement with the Apostille of the Hague

2.Criminal record certificate issued by the police authorities of your country of duly legalized origin or Certificates of good conduct. Criminal records certificates must be issued in the country of origin of the document and legalized through diplomatic channels or, in the case of a signatory country to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, apostilledCertificates of good conduct must be issued by consular offices and must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

3. Criminal record certificate issued by the Spanish Ministry of Justice. The form or the official form is sold at the tobacconist together with the shipping envelope and the stamp. The object for which the certificate is requested must be indicated on the same object, for example: "To be presented to the Civil Registry to request Spanish nationality". Be careful not to cross out or amend because the ministry will reject it and you will have to send another one. If you make a mistake when filling in the form, it can be exchanged for a new one, free of charge, as long as you keep the receipt attached to the back of it. The data written on the form must coincide with those that appear in the documentation submitted. The photocopy of the document submitted must be notarized and then sent by mail to:

Central Registry of Penadosy Rebeldes, San Bernardo, 45. Ground floor. 28015-Madrid. The easiest way is to go to the Government Sub-delegation to present the previously completed form and a photocopy of the document and the secretary will be in charge of sending the form to the corresponding office in Madrid. The form will be returned by mail to the sender.

4. Certificate of registration. It is requested at the Town Hall corresponding to your address, it takes 20 days or so because it must be signed by the mayor.

5. Certification of legal residence in Spain, You must go to the Government Sub-delegation to request it. The certification certifies the time of legal and continuous residence in Spain. It is a simple procedure, they will give you a form with an original and a copy to fill out, you must accompany the form with a photocopy of your passport and a photocopy of your residence card. After 2 or 3 weeks you have to remove it from the immigration offices corresponding to your home.

6. Accredit the means of life you have in SpainPresent the documentation proving that you have the means to live in Spain or in the event that your resident card allows you to work the employment contract.

7. Photocopy of the Foreigner Identification Number or Residence Card.

8. Photocopy of the Passport, of all your pages.

9. If you were born outside of Spain and claim to be the child or grandchild of a Spanish origin, must provide also: literal birth certificate of their Spanish ancestors.

10. If you are married to Spanish, you must also provide: Literal Marriage Certificate issued by the corresponding Spanish Civil Registry, coexistence certificate or, failing that, a joint registration certificate and Literal Certification of birth of the Spanish spouse.

11. If you are a widower of Spanish, you must also provide: Marriage certificate registered in the Spanish Civil Registry, certificate of coexistence or joint registration with the deceased spouse on the date of death, literal birth certificate of the spouse and death certificate.

12. If you have been legally subject to the guardianship, custody or shelter of a Spanish citizen or institution, you must also provide: Copy of the judicial resolution that determines the guardianship or document of the competent authority of the Autonomous Community in this matter.

13. In the case of applicants who do not exercise the right to choose in a timely manner, they must also provide: the documentation proving that you were able to exercise the right of option

At the time of presenting the documentation in the Civil Registry, the judge in charge may demand the documentation that he deems pertinent for the resolution of the file.

Telephone number of the Nationality Service headquarters in Madrid: 91 390 48 39 (Information can also be obtained from the Civil Registries).

Where should I submit the application for Nationality?

The application is submitted in the Civil registration corresponding to the location of residence of the applicant, you can submit it personally, by mail or through a manager and you must accompany the application with the corresponding documentation.

Most common drawbacks to gathering documents

OBSERVATION: The most frequent problem when gathering all the required papers is the expiration of each one of them. Coordinating that all the documents we need are up to date is a bit complicated.

I imagine that everyone who has been through this will have their own experience. As for my yesterday, I made the request for all the required documents at the same time and on the same day. I went to my embassy and requested the criminal record certificate, at the same time I bought the form to request the Spanish criminal record and went to the Government Sub-delegation. Upon arrival I was lucky because there were few people, only two mortals in front of me, I requested the form To request the certificate of legal residence in Spain, fill it out and make photocopies of the documents that were requested. Present together the documentation to request the certificate of residence and the Spanish criminal record.

I decided to take a break and I met a friend in a bar, with a coke I restarted my impossible mission.

When I arrived at the Town Hall, I requested the registration certificate, I had to wait 50 numbers but it moved quite quickly.

And finally, I got to the police to request the certificate of coexistence and since the Civil Registry is very close to me, request the literal marriage certificate.

As you will see, the morning was unique, now it remains to be seen what will happen with the times of each request, I will keep you updated on how this story continues.

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