13 tricks to avoid gaining weight this Christmas

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Christmas is a time when parties and family gatherings abound, and when it is very easy eat more than necessary and end up with a few extra pounds.

On average, a person tends to fatten between 2 and 4 kilos every Christmas. If these holidays you don't want to accumulate extra kilos, we give you some tips that can help you control itThe most important thing is to focus on trying to maintain a healthy balance of the foods, in practicing some of physical activity to enjoy Christmas in a balanced and healthy way.

With these simple tips you can manage to maintain a healthy weight this Christmas and not gain more weight than necessary.

1. Exercise

Exercise helps relieve holiday stress and avoid weight gain.

If you already practiced some sport, it will be necessary to slightly increase the intensity and duration of the exercise to partially compensate for the increased calories from these holidays.

2. Don't skip any meals

Many people believe that by skipping breakfast or lunch, they can save those calories for dinner or an evening meal. But what can happen is that you arrive hungrier and overeat.

3. Eat small meals several times a day

And thus you will avoid arriving to the main meals with a lot of appetite.

4. Thave a light snack

Before going out for a party, like a piece of fruit, this way you will be able to curb your appetite.

5. Eat until you are satisfied, do not fill @

6. Be careful with drinks!

Alcohol can decrease feelings of fullness and induce overeating. Non-alcoholic beverages such as soda can be high in calories and sugar.

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7. Try not to center all Christmas celebrations around food.

Family gatherings are usually centered around the Christmas feast, but why not plan group activities with family and friends to play games or go on a field trip?

8. Bring your own healthy plate to the Christmas gathering

If the Christmas menu is very caloric, prepare a healthier dish that you like.

9. Practice healthy cooking

Try to prepare your favorite dishes reducing the amount of fat and calories.

For example, put the sauces in the refrigerator a few hours before serving them. This will make the sauce stiff and the fat layer on top can be easily removed.

10. Eat high fiber foods before dinner / lunch

Fiber will help you feel full, and therefore will reduce your appetite.

11. Chew each bite well before swallowing

It takes a few minutes for the brain to "realize" that the stomach is filling up.

12. Drink lots of water

In addition to avoid dehydration, you can also use water to curb your appetite.

Drink a glass of water before drinking alcohol, and even between drinks, it can help you consume less alcohol.

13. Avoid temptation

Nobody wants to feel deprived of the foods they love this holiday season. One option is to choose a food that you would really love to enjoy and fill the rest of the plate with vegetables and fruits, low-fat cheese, and lean meats.

14. It's hard to avoid overeating at Christmas!

So even if we have a "slip" from time to time, we should not punish ourselves for it. Be good to yourself!

Remember that maintaining a healthy diet during takes practice. If you overeat, don't beat yourself up, make sure the next meal will be healthier!

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