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Today I start this post with a phrase that I read somewhere yesterday and it amused me, which surely you have heard and even used, the phrase goes like this "Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to happen again?"
Well, that made me laugh but then left me thinking about what the "Love at first sight"For this topic, many will say that it does exist and they will tell us that they have even lived it, but isn't this more illusion than love? My question is because in particular, I think that love is something that has to be cultivated, that has to grow, that you feel for someone with whom you have shared moments.

On the other hand, I don't lose hope that love at first sight exists, I don't know if it's romanticism, but I don't lose hope.

Is chemistry to blame for that crush we feel when we see someone for the first time makes us think of love?But if so, and love is made up of chemistry too, then does it exist?

Others more romantics will blame Cupid, but I prefer to think about destiny, because although many experts give an expiration date to love (it is said that after 18 to 20 months of relationship that feeling disappears) I still think that of a crush at first sight, eye I have not called it love, can be born true love. But for this to be real, we have to go through a series of events and time to confirm it.
What leads me to talk about this issue today is that most of us have gone through a situation like this, but there is another element that is very important to take into account, we must ask ourselves if those cravings for love are what lead us to have that outburst. of passion that we usually call “Love at first sight”.

Investigating I have realized that they have carried out studies that prove the existence of love at first sight by a series of brain reactions, which occur in just 30 seconds, the brain can select or discard a person as a potential ideal partner in only that time, but my question is still there: does this brain reaction
Is it certain that it is real love, or just attraction?

Here is my conclusion, it does not matter if it is a crush, a biochemical reaction, a "good vibration", an attraction, the important thing is that we are open to love and know that our ideal partner is somewhere, how will your entry triumphant in our lives? that we will have to find out ourselves. and as the phrase says well: "Believe" that implies having faith, and that is what we have to maintain when looking for the love.

Well, I think I have made my position clear on this issue but What do you think?

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