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What to see and visit in Soria?

- Feast of San Saturio: October 2, the Patron Saint Festivities are celebrated in Soria Capital. The parties last from 1 to 5

October, but on September 24 a novena begins to be said. The festivals of a religious, sporting and musical nature. They are very funny.

- Festival of El Zarrón or San PascualBailón: May 17 in Almazán, this festival is celebrated that has been developing since the 18th century, in which dances from that time are danced. The two zarrones that support the dancers represent the devil and are beating the spectators. Declared of National Tourist Interest.

- Feast of the Descent of Jesus: el1er. Sunday of September in Almazán, Jesus Christ is lowered from his Hermitage and a great party with fireworks takes place throughout the day. The party ends, on the shoulders of the coast men and the rocks, he returns to the hermitage.

- San Juan: night of June 23 in SanPedro Manrique. Popular Party in the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña. Where the popular rite of Paso del Fuego and Fiesta de las Mondidas. Declared of National Tourist Interest.

- Soldadesca Festival: on August 20 Iruesca, this festival of Moors and Christians is celebrated, before the Virgen de la Cabeza. Declared of National Tourist Interest.

- Retired Bull Festival: on November 13, this festival is celebrated in Medinaceli. It derives from an initiation rite, in which 2 lighted torches are tied to the bull's horns and then released. Declared of National Tourist Interest.

- Holy Week: declared of National Tourist Interest are those of: Ágreda, El Burgo de Osma, Soria. Other towns also celebrate Holy Week, which although they have not been declared Tourist Interest, are very beautiful such as: Almaluez, Aldealseñor, Fuentelmonje, Barcebalejo, La Hinojosa, Espeja de San Marcelino, Torrearévalo, Gallinero, Rebollar, Quintanilla de Nuño Pedro, Pedrajas, Quintanasde Gormaz Remember, Torrubia de Soria, ...

- Carnival: in Almazán, La Barrosa.

La Barrosa Festival: declared of National Tourist Interest, it is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, in the town of Beeing.

- Our Mrs. del Pino and San Roque: in Vinuesa from August 16, it is celebrated The Pinochada. Declared of National Tourist Interest, where women and girls dressed in pinorrasThey beat everyone with pine branches.

- Feast of Saint John or the Mother of God: it is celebrated on the same day June 24 or the first Thursday after the 24, SoriaDeclared of National Tourist Interest They are very important.

- San Juan: June 23 in Numantia.

Feast of Santiago: July 25 in ElBurgo de Osma.

- Virgen del Espino: August 15 in ElBurgo de Osma.

Festivities of Christ: from September 13 to 18 Olvega.

Virgen del Espino: August 15 in Soria It is the Fiesta Mayor, since the patronal festivals are celebrated.

- San Blas: in San Leonardo de Yagüe, the popular Paloteo dance is performed.

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