The most popular apps in the United States

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The most popular mobile apps in the US However, it should be noted that Apple's platform appears to be rapidly approaching Android's in terms of popularity.

The most popular applications in downloads

According to him listing published in July 2020 by comScore, the two most popular apps in the US are Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which has recently displaced Youtube as the second most downloaded application in the US However, as you can see in the following table, five of the 10 applications that occupy the first positions belong to Google:

Ranking of mobile apps in the USby comScore (July 2020)

ComScore Mobile Metrix font

In the Global iOS Download List of App Annie in the USOn the other hand, Facebook stands out with four applications among the top ten positions, while of those of Google, only YouTube is in the sixth position.

Surprisingly, there are no Apple apps in App Annie's top 10, even though their mapping app ranks 11th on the comScore list. Globally, however, there are 2 Apple applications among the 10 most popular on the App Annie list: Search my Iphone and iTunes U.

The most used applications

According to a study published this summer by the research company Forrester, US users spend more time using Facebook apps than Google apps. Google has a wide range of applications among the most used: Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Calendar, etc. However, it ranks second behind Facebook (which also owns Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp), in terms of the time users spend using each application.

Specifically, according to Forrester data, users of smartphones Americans invest in Facebook 13% of the time dedicated to using applications and a 12% in those of Google. The rest of the players in the mobile applications market - Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo - have between 1 and 3% of the time each.

The most popular platforms

According to comScore, Apple is also closing the gap with the competition in the US in terms of market share of platforms. smartphones. In the quarter that ended in July 2020, its market share rose 1.1%, reaching 44.2% of the market, while Google lost 0.8%, leaving its market share at 51.4 %. In fact, as can be seen in the following table, Apple is the only platform that gains market share.

Source: comScore

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