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The turn has come for our Colombian friends, laughing is the best way to live. Fondly.

Colombian Short Jokes:

    • -One gamin says to another - "Hey hand, I'll sell you an English flea." And the other responds "how so English?" to which the first says “yes, he doesn't see me take it out of my groin.
    • -Why do the pastusos have round windows in their houses? .- For the sun to enter.
    • -There were two Caleños in a bar in La Quinta and one said to the other: - Look, I made love three times with my wife before we got married, and you? - Me too, but I didn't know he was going to marry you.
    • -How do the pastusos disinfect the water? -They throw it off the tenth floor so that the bacteria are killed.
    • -Why doesn't the pastuso drink cold cow's milk? ... because you can't put the cow in the fridge
    • - A Caleño says to his wife: - My love, tonight I'm going to make love to the hoarse. The woman says: - How? - Yes woman, without you.
    • -A pastuso arrives at a restaurant and the waiter asks him: - Sir, did you come from home? And the pastuso responds: - No, from work
    • -How do you know if a pastuso has just used a computer? .- If the screen is full of liquid paper.
    • -On Mother's Day a drunkard looks at a sign that said: "Mother without feeling for sale." The drunkard enters and says: - How so they sell mothers without feeling? To which they respond: - no sir, here we sell "wood without cement"

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