Yahoo encourages Microsoft to make you an offer

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Yahoo has stated that it still has the "For Sale" sign posted and that Microsoft should buy it.

The co-founder and CEO of the portal, Jerry Yang, has made these statements despite the fact that Yahoo rejected in May an offer from Microsoft of 33 dollars per share.

Yang's suggestion came hours after Google pulled out of an interesting advertising deal with Yahoo. We are willing to sell the company, "he commented at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco.

There, Yang was asked why the company had not accepted the offer of $ 33 per share in the summer, since on Wednesday, at closing, the company's shares were below $ 14.

“They avoided a public offering and we were prepared to negotiate. We wanted to negotiate an agreement; We believed that our positions were not so distant, ”explained Yang. "But at the end of the day they pulled out and have since made it clear that they don't want to buy the company."

Subsequently, Microsoft offered to buy the search portion of Yahoo, but a deal was never reached.

Once again, Yang pointed out that the offer was not good enough, but he was open to negotiation.

When asked if there were any negotiations underway with the software giant Yang said there is no new news about it.

For its part, Microsoft declined to comment on this issue.
When asked about a possible deal with AOL, Yang was evasive.

Source: BBC News

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