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Hello everyone, I have been reading and learning about what many of us think or believe that love is; The truth is that I was stunned to see that with the label "love" any nonsense can be given as true as far as relationships are concerned, so I leave you this list of what I have found the most used and greatest lies about love:

1. Having a relationship crisis is equivalent to the end of the relationship: I can understand why we think that when the crisis is because of something unforgivable, insurmountable, because love is over, but because we don't agree on something… All couples have a crisis.
2. If he is jealous, it is because he loves me more: What does loving you more or less have to do with this? I can understand that he wants to be with you, that sometimes it does not feel good for a friend to get too close or with too much confidence to you, but from that to being jealous even with your shadow, no no no.
3. True relationships are perfect: Like in fairy tales ... Sure !!! If even the princesses in the stories have their hearts broken or they have to overcome obstacles, what if the prince does not find them, what if the evil witch, if they have a fish tail, and so on. Let's face it, those relationships do not exist, and even less the "they lived happily and ate partridges"
4. My partner is responsible for making the relationship work: This is the most comfortable lie I have ever heard, the relationship is two, so if you want it to work, do your part.
5. I am happy only when I am by your side: Well, I hope you're talking about your twin, because if it's because of someone else, I don't want to think how sad your life must have been until the day you met him! It is true, we are happy when we are with someone who fulfills us as a couple, but we are not happy only in those moments. I don't even want to think if it's a long distance relationship !!!
6. If you don't tell me everything you think you're not a good match: If she does not tell you that your best friend, the one you have told that you love as your sister, does not like her, although she is polite and cordial with her. Is she lying to you in the worst way and does not deserve your trust? Don't mistake the lies for their respect for your life and your space.

I could go on, but well we'll leave it for other posts, as I always tell you this is my opinion, but if it makes you think a bit about what is really important in a relationship, my goal is accomplished.

Greetings friends and I await your comments.

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