Famous Quotes of Saint Teresa of Jesus

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Known for her dedication to religion in addition to her literature, Santa Teresa de Jesús, founder of the Discalced Carmelites, is a clear example of the spirit and decision to pursue what fills

our heart.


  • Only love is what gives value to all things.
  • God is not to force our will; take what we give you; but it does not give itself completely until we give ourselves completely.
  • If in the midst of adversity the heart perseveres with serenity, with joy and with peace, this is love.
  • I always try to do many acts of love, because they ignite and soften the soul.
  • But it seems to us that we give everything, and it is that we offer God the income or the fruits and let us keep the roots and possession.
  • How sad it is, my God, life without you!
  • From absurd devotions and bitter saints, deliver us, Lord.
  • It is a joy for me to hear the clock tick: I see an hour of my life passed and I think I am a little closer to God.
  • Perfect love has this force: that we forget our contentment to please those we love.
  • Nothing disturbs you, nothing frightens you, everything passes, God does not change. Patience all reaches. Whoever has God lacks nothing. God alone is sufficient.
  • Prayer is not about thinking a lot, but about loving a lot.
  • Read and you will lead, do not read and you will be led.
  • If Satan could love, he would stop being evil.

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