Alex González horoscope: enigmatic and adventurous

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Alex Gonzalez He is a television and film actor from Madrid.
TV series: … Countdown, Lex, The Lady, Land of Wolves, Innocents, The Prince.
Movie Movies: Second round in 2005, A Rose of France in 2005, Dolly in 2006, Sunday light in 2007, The Book of Waters in 2008, La Lust in 2009,The Color of the Ocean in 2009, X Men First generation in 2011 in the US, Scorpion in love in 2013, Combustion in 2013.

Date of birth of Alex Gonzalez: 08/13/1980 in Madrid, Spain

Zodiac sign ofAlex Gonzalez: Leo

The horoscope of Alex Gonzalez: it's Leo.Alex Gonzalez studied Dramatic Art: Roberto Aaron School of Interpretation, the Consuelo Trujillo School of Body Expression, to finish by graduating from the Juan Carlos Corazza International Study.

Alex Gonzalez, He has the typical character of Leo: he is discreet, open-minded to everything, charisma, sympathy, affectionate, very clear ideas, adventurous, mysterious, attractive, he knows how to listen and dialogue. He is a born and respectful leader. His good education, class and his nobility go ahead. He is a good welcoming friend, always ready to help out. They all adore him. Not only for the humanitarian aid in which he is involved, but for his kindness. His image is always impeccable and he is always in shape. He likes sports (surfing, boxing, chess).

As an actor, he is an all-rounder, self-confident, a good actor, versatile, realistic, sincere, responsible and hard-working. Enjoy good food, friends, parties, art, movies, reading and traveling. His hobby is cooking. He always has a lot of social life.

When it comes to their love life, Leos are passionate, romantic, seductive, thoughtful, they love spending time with those of their opposite sex. They are disappointed if the feelings are not reciprocated or if they are betrayed. They turn the page easily. Have you been with: Chenoa, Beatriz Montañés, Mónica Cruz, Adriana Ugarte and Hiba Abouk ?.

Compatibility ofAlex Gonzalez with other signs: Alex Gonzalez how leo iscompatible with: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo with Leo is fantastic. On the other handAlex Gonzalez would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Capricorn, Pisces and regular for Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio.

Other details of interest aboutAlex Gonzalez and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot Card of Alex Gonzalez would be THE EMPRESS, They are balanced, harmonious, sensual people, feminine sensitivity ...(See:Letter from The Empress)
  • The number ofAlex Gonzalez is he 3 is creative, intelligent, sociable, artistic genius ... (See:Meaning of number 3, Numerology).
  • The Chinese Horoscope ofAlex Gonzalez it is MONKEY: he is versatile, creative, funny, self-centered, actor, spiteful. (See:Meaning of the MONKEY of the Chinese horoscope).
  • The color ofAlex Gonzalez It is the Gold.
  • The Element of Alex Gonzalez it is Fire.
  • The Planet ofAlex Gonzalez It is Ruby, Diamond and Jacinto.
  • The Twitter ofAlex Gonzalez it is: @alexgonzalezact

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